How Do You Feel About A Painted Ceiling?

Sometimes, you want to paint an accent wall because you’re too lazy to paint the whole room. But no one could accuse someone who picked the ceiling as their accent wall of anything other than bravery, determination and sheer willpower, because that seems like a huge fucking pain in the ass.

Still, it looks awesome, in my humble opinion. What do you think?

[image via coco+kelley]

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    • Eileen

      My sisters both have painted bedroom ceilings and it looks great. Mine’s white because I’m boring, but I still admire every time I’m in their rooms.

    • Stephanie Zhao

      I love my painted ceiling. It was a huge pain to paint though, my neck hurt afterwards.

    • Dove

      If my husband wouldn’t stage a coup, I’d paint the ceiling of our bedroom lavender. Always wanted to for some reason, but sadly he is strongly anti-girlygirl…

    • Shae

      That’s brilliant.

    • Sheena

      That looks brilliant!