Gallery: Six Articles Of Clothing That Aren’t Worth Over $100

Recently, Naomi Watts was spotted about town wearing a $135 t-shirt. Isn’t that adorable? You buy those in five-packs, right?

Just kidding. You don’t. You don’t spend over $100 on a t-shirt. Here are some other pieces of clothing to which that rule also applies:

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    • sophia

      totally agree with everything but the bra thing. some of us big rack-small ribcage ladies have limited options… i’m stuck with only one make and one model of bra actually fitting me correctly… $70+ a pop and i’m only a 32ddd

    • Eileen

      Nit-picky, but Sienna Miller apparently designed the shirt – Naomi Watts was the one who wore it.

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        You are correct, thanks Eileen!

    • Dawn

      Totally agree with Sophia here. $100 is not too much to spend on a bra, and that money doesn’t pay for “embellishments” – it pays for comfort and support in my size, and allows me to look sexy and even do things like keep the ladies up and about in a strapless dress. It also means I am not required to wear some sort of seamless, “lightly lined”, soft foam push-up contraption, which appears to be all that is made these days in mainstream lingerie stores and which do not work for my breasts. Long live the expensive bra!

    • Taylor

      Nothing from Urban is worth more than $100 because the clothes are cheap quality and, most of the time, something you could find in your grandmother’s closet or at Goodwill.