Are You Still Friends With People From College?

As summer draws nigh, many a college senior is bidding adieu to keg parties, classes and dorm rooms. Along with those staples of university life, which many budding adults will probably be happy to leave behind, comes the inevitable parting with friends who you’ve done everything from puke on to cry on to laugh with to pee with for the past four years.

For those of you who have put a few years between yourself and college, have you stayed close with those people? Or did those friendships go the way of spring break and term papers?

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    • Eileen

      This poll is making me very sad.

    • Dove

      I stay in pretty close touch with the alumns in the city I’m in now. My former roommate and I have lunch together every month or so, out for drinks with others maybe ever 2nd month, and I always make a point to visit college friends when I go to their cities.

      I graduated in ’06 so it has been a fair amount of time, but I also married my college boyfriend which I think makes it easier to stay in touch with a larger number of friends, since they knew us both.

    • Lauren

      I was just in one of my best friends weddings this weekend, and I met her in college, and all of the girls in the wedding were my friends from college. It was great, and we all had a blast!

    • ALS

      My two best friends, who are now like my sisters, were my roommates all throughout college. Our friendship has changed and matured over the past 10 years, but it’s really only gotten stronger. They are the two people I know I could go to with just about anything, never be judged for what I do, etc. We’ve been in each other weddings and are now all starting families. I think part of it has to do with the fact that we went to a small university. We are also still close friends with several other people we went to school with. Along with that, my other best friends are all people my husband went to college with. My husband and I met our junior year, but went to different schools. Most of my other close relationships are with people from his school or with people we went to high school with.