January Jones Is Refreshingly Private When It Comes To Her Parenting Decision

January Jones and her baby bump are becoming two of my favorite people in Hollywood.

You’ll recall that not too long ago, the Mad Men star raised eyebrows by proclaiming that girls in her high school were mean to her because she’s pretty; not exactly towing the beautiful-celebrity line, which generally dictates either insisting that you were hideously unattractive in high school, or reminding the public that it takes hours of hair and make-up to make you look as stunning as you do.

Now, Jones is proudly walking around town with a baby bump…and no baby daddy in sight. But Jones is neither attempting to keep her pregnancy under wraps, nor is she screaming about it from the rooftops. There are no explanations, no excuses, no defensiveness about her decision to carry a child on her own, and her calm silence brings something we rarely see in the media — an indication that she has nothing to prove, and no one to prove it to.

This is particularly remarkable since the choice that she’s making is one that could easily be a lightening rod. The mere mention of single motherhood brings the right-wing media to a frothy, raging boil, and no doubt some lefties would like her be louder about her non-traditional parenthood decision.

But too often women are forced to explain their private choices, or to make them political and/or public in the name of making a point. Instead, it’s nice to be reminded that sometimes, quietly and unapologetically living the life you want to live is the strongest statement we can make. Jones, so far, is doing that admirably.

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    • Jon

      She’s not my favourite actress but props to her for holding her own throughout this pregnancy.

    • Lexie

      I’ve never been a fan of her, but she gets mad props from me. That takes more courage than sitting in front of Katie Couric or an OK! Magazine copywriter to “tell all”.

    • Eileen

      I like actresses so much better when they’re not “celebrities.”

    • annie

      Love this article. Thanks for writing it it.

    • Shae

      Must agree with all of the above – lots of respect for her. It’s nobody’s business but hers and that’s admirable.

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      i remember her on the cast of american pie were in she was really natural on the way she acts in front of the camera. And together with the other cast that made the movie one of my favorites of all times.

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