Finally: Lindsay Lohan Stars In An Arty Short Film Entitled ‘Lindsay Lohan’

If you have 1:37 to blow today (also, why are you online?) you may want to spend it luxuriating in this short film starring Lindsay Lohan entitled “Lindsay Lohan” (I think it’s pronounced different?). The film was shot by Richard Phillips (the guy who juxtaposed teenybopper stars with luxury fashion house logos) and Styleite can tell you more about why it exists.

…All I’m going to add is that Phillips praised Lohan by saying the following words:

“She’s a combination of the fantastic and the real, which is what makes her so magnetic. She can also bring forward an existential presence that speaks to the isolated self.”

I’ll just let that sit there in front of your eyeballs. When you’ve recovered, watch Lindsáy Löhán below, but you might want to mind your isolated self because her existential presence is robust.

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    • Penelope

      Wow, this video is going to be spoofed SO HARD – I can’t wait!!

      • Penelope

        ‘Spoofed’ sounded dirty just now – I mean a lot of people are going to copy it to be funny. Yeah.

    • Betty

      total crud. Warhol at least chose to represent the stars in the way he perceived them. Here Mr. Phillips produces the redundant and saucily huffy Lindsey that appears in cheap magazines everyday. I’m sure she’s eternally grateful that there was no speaking required – just face. So nice job, you’ve shown us that L-squared is as beautiful and vapid as we’ve always imagined her to be (next time try to reimagine her, if that’s possible).