Do You Ever Wear A Sports Bra With No Shirt?

A lot of times, we see celebs like Emma Watson out and about in just a sports bra, being all “Oh, these abs? I know. They’re good. No big deal.”

And I think there was about a four-month period of time when I did the same (without the attitude, natch) when I was about 15 and hitting the gym like a crazed raccoon. Since then, I prefer to place a shirt carefully and lovingly over myself when I work out. It’s not that I think there’s any shame in going shirtless; if I felt more comfortable doing it, I would. I always enjoy a nice, cool breeze caressing my belly.

But when running or doing yoga — the two exercises I do the most — I get distracted if I feel self-conscious about my physique, and those happen to be two workouts that offer unique opportunities for your body to do unflattering things.

What about you?

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    • Eileen

      You forget “Sometimes, such as when I am alone on the treadmill in my basement.” I never wear a shirt over my sports bra when I am alone on the treadmill in my basement.

    • CNM

      I only wear a sports bra w/o a shirt when I’m working out at home.

    • Cassieleigh

      I only bare my midriff when wearing a bikini and even then I like to cover it up some how. I’d like everyone to note that Miss Watson is carrying around “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” Talk about old-school! I hope they’re helping her.

    • Lisa

      Yep, when alone.

      I also limit wearing tank tops around my family and around children, because people have told me in the past that they’re inappropriate… I guess I live among the old-fashioned.

    • Amanda

      I always wear a shirt, because I am a lady.

      • Mariana

        is that comment sarcastic?

    • Hanna

      I’m sorry, I was so distracted by her reading material that I didn’t notice.

      • Dawn

        Chicken Soup!! I used to collect the pet ones oh man…

    • Jenny

      If it is warm out then I will run with a sports bra and no shirt. But only black ones. And I have small boobs so there’s no cleavage hanging all out or anything.
      I overheat easily and if I’m going to work out I’d like to be comfortable so that I can perform to the best of my ability. And I wouldn’t be offended by other people working out in just a sports bra either.

    • Patricia

      When it’s really warm, yeah, I do.

    • MM

      A sports bra and a pair of boxers are my standard sleepwear in the summer.

      In public, no. I can see why women do it, though, it’s cool and comfortable and we don’t have the privilege of “running around shirtless” that men do.

    • Jinx

      Mmmm Emma Watson *swoons*

    • Emily

      Whenever it’s warm enough. Emma Watson would be jealous of my midriff, so I wish that were more often.

    • Lady

      People who wear just bras a sluts.

    • Lady

      People who wear no shirts and just a bra out in public are sluts.

    • NORMAL

      You’re all fucking sluts going out in just a bra in public. WHORES! FUCKING SLUTS!

    • Mike

      She loosk fine – better if she had been running though!. Both my wife and my GF go out running and cycling in sports bras – why wouldn’t you?

    • Voice of reason

      People go out to the beach in swimsuits smaller than this without being called sluts. Keep things in perspective. Most people wear these for comfort, plain and simple.