Fashion Disasters: Shenae Grimes In Leopard Print Pants

They’re coming, you guys. Printed pants are coming. Shanea Grimes of 90210 gets in on the trend with, of all prints, leopard.

Part of me wants to say, “At least she toned it down with a black top!’ The other part of me says, “Those shoes! Red nail polish! Visible bra! Cocktail rings! AXE DEODORANT BODY SPRAY.”

Thus: abuse of leopard print.

(photo via Getty)

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    • Kimberly

      i am so done with leopard print. its overdone and has become the go-to print for kardashians, talentless reality stars, and “real hosuewives”. its almost become like the bandange dress in nature. jesus, what an unoriginal outfit.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        “the bandage dress in nature” is frighteningly accurate.

    • Joelle

      Actually, it’s all in how you wear the leopard print. It can be super tacky or it can be chic and vintage and fabulous. I would totally sport leopard peddle pushers (or capris for the kids) or some fabulous leopard dress — but the leopard has to be more “retro” and less “safari”.

      These pants are tacky 3-fold — the print looks like she’s about to tour the Serengeti, the cut looks like it came from 1987 and the drawstring…. sweet jesus, the drawstring…

      • Joelle

        Excuse me, PEDAL pushers. Because I can totally spell.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        yeah, the drawstring is intense.