Marc Jacobs Probably Won’t Sue Justin Beiber Over Possible Perfume Knock-Off

If you’ve any familiarity with Marc Jacobs’ scent Lola, you may have done a double take when the first images of Justin Beiber’s new scent, Someday, arrived. In addition to both fragrances being youthful, fruity florals, the bottles of each feature a strikingly similar shiny red bloom. WWD sat down with Jacobs and asked about the issue:

B.F.: Does [Justin Beiber's Someday] remind you of anything?
Yep, yep. We just had a conversation about it. Coty said, “Do we sue them?” and I said, “You know what? Let everyone else say what they want.” I received Google [Alerts] about people saying it was derivative. We’re not going to do anything about it.

B.F.: That bottle is very similar to your Lola.
But you know, I look around the room and I look at the work we’ve done and a quote I always bastardize but I really believe in, is something Chanel said: “He who insists on his own creativity has no memory.”

I hope I’m not the only one who thinks Jacobs is being a class act. …Which is always surprising for a famous person.

(Photo via StyleList)

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    • Nikita

      No, I agree with you. He’s definitely being the bigger man here. It’s quite admirable.

    • marie

      WHo’s Justin Beiber?

    • Meagan

      This is what my worry is though. The scents and bottles are VERY similar. Whats stopping someone wearing Someday from saying that they’re wearing LOLA?? I love Marc Jacobs work. He is one of my all time favorite designers and I think its stupid that he’s getting screwed from stupid Justin Beiber. Honestly, fashion beats a teenage singer sooo i think Beiber chose the wrong designer to mess with

    • ariel

      yeah when I first saw it I was like wtf fake lola? But If it was more similar and the fragrances aren’t easily distinuished I’d say sue, but all the profits from sales are supposed to go to charit so I guess that’d look bad :P