Do You Love Your Apartment?

At the moment, I’m in the process of finding a new place to live. My apartment building is being renovated, and rather than live through three months of noise, dust, and a barking, panicking dog, we’ve decided to move.

It’s an annoying decision to have to make, made more annoying by the fact that it took five months to find the apartment we currently live in, and the fact that I love it, and the fact that I thought I’d be staying there for years.

Fortunately, I’m not bitter.

Anyway, it’s made me think about apartments past and present, and how much significance they take on in our lives. There’s your first place out of college, your first place on your own, your first time living with a partner. All of these life changes take place with the backdrop of your humble abode. So I’m curious — do you love the house or apartment you live in now? Or is it just a place you’re dealing with for the time being?

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    • Mariah O

      I LOVE our house on the INSIDE. Beautiful. The decorations are amazing! Its the OUTSIDE of my home I don’t like.People aren’t very welcoming around here. Trying to be friendly to people in a negative environment is draining. I guess people would rather be bitter, than kind. That Karma always comes back to haunt them.
      I choose to be happy and positive
      Perhaps we should have shopped around a bit more before moving into this area. Its ok. You live and you learn. Soon…(I never make the same mistake twice). :) Ok…done rambling. LOL ;)

    • Carrie

      I love my house, but have to leave because of a work transfer. sad.

    • Taylor

      My scholarship requires that I live in our on-campus student apartments until I graduate. My monthly rent is literally the same as what my boyfriend’s entire HOUSE costs, and I get 495 sq feet with industrial carpet.

      For comparison, I found a nice 900 sq ft 3-bedroom apartment in Houston, where I’m from, for the same price as my studio.

      The apartment company is based in Australia and operates at universities all over the country, but apparently failed to adjust their pricing for this market. My apartment would be a great deal in Austin or Dallas, but not so much in Abilene, Texas, where you can rent a whole house for $1000 a month.

      So yeah, I can’t freaking WAIT to move out and cut my rent in half for an upgrade in space.

    • Renee

      Ive been living on my own for four years now[well with my 5 year old] in my bi-level apartment. I LOVE it here and wasnt planning on leaving anytime soon. But stupid effin debt changed that and now im stuck moving in with my mom again[at the end of Sept] for like 6 months >:( I DONT WANNA LEAVVVE!!!! Im hoping i can get out sooner and one of these apartments will be empty for me :)