Animals You Shouldn’t Try To Dress Up

When it comes to looking at rats, most New Yorkers are content with what they see while absent-mindedly watching the subway tracks as they wait for their train. But for some, that amount of rodent-ogling is apparently not enough, and that’s why they created the Fancy Rat Convention.

The day-long event took place at 320 studios in New York City over the weekend. According to the meet-up page, it was a celebration of National Pet Awareness month, and was a way for folks to get to know “one of the most misunderstood pets around.” It included a rat fashion show, as well as toys and treats for the little furry guys.

I mean, a rat might not be my first choice of pet, but I have to admit that the rat in the picture on the meet-up page is pretty adorable. Still, some animals don’t lend themselves to playing dress-up. I’ve been known to try to dress my dog up, for instance, and she was not fucking having it. She chewed at a vest until I took it off, and another time she pawed her own Halloween costume straight off her head. Unbelievable.  Here are a few more animals that you shouldn’t try to dress up:

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