Gallery: What Your Skirt Says About You

We here at TheGloss are not technically psychologists but, between Jennifer and myself, we have eleven online degrees in (fields relating to) psychology. This means we’re super qualified to tell you stuff about your personality based on the following skirts. It’ll be more accurate than your horoscope, guaranteed!

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    • melinda.

      Oh, gee, I just love these. Being reduced to less than 10 words based entirely on one garment choice is just so great. I bet the both of you were angsty pink haired vegan chicks in high-school who scowled at the cheerleaders and still, somehow, can’t get over it. Go watch Ghost World for the tenth time and talk about how vapid everyone else but you is, bitch.

      • Kimberly

        i could sit here and write a paragraph long response as to why your comment is so terrible that its laughable. but all that i really feel is necessary to tell you, mostly because i know whatever i will say falls on deaf ears, is that being vegan isn’t a character trait. vegans are just like anyone else, they can be bitchy cheerleaders or snarky cunts like you

      • Elizabeth

        Which would you rather be judged by, your skirt or your comment?

        (Hint: The skirt is probably more flattering).

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I’ve never dyed my hair.

    • Jennifer Wright

      Ashley, I almost bought that bandage skirt.

      Now I really wish I had.

    • Elle

      This feels awfully similar to how men think women are “asking for it” because of the way they’re dressed.