Food Is Fashionable: These Dresses Are Made Of Cheese

Move over, Lady Gaga. There’s a new dress made out of inappropriate material in town and this time, that inappropriate material is cheese. Fashion and textile students at England’s Bath University have put together a show featuring five dresses constructed entirely out of various kinds of cheese. They also made cheese purses and even some inevitably pungent “Jimmy Cheese” shoes (groan). As someone who thinks both feet and cheese are gross, I can’t think of anything grosser than feet squishing around in a whole bunch of hot, rapidly putrefying cow curd. Fashion!

But where did these college students get the money for all these “tonnes” of dairy? A kind donation from premiere U.K. brand Pilgrims Choice, of course. In fact, Pilgrims Choice rep Hannah Jenkins was the only person quoted in the article, which leads me to believe something funky is going on. “Food has become a source of fashion inspiration – the world went Gaga for that famous meat ensemble,” Jenkins told the Mail. “So we thought it was time to introduce cheese to the world of couture, and this amazing project with the Bath Spa University students has ensued. Their creativity and ingenuity has stunned us, and we thought we knew all there was to know about cheese. Who would have known that cheese could look so chic?”

If the students are so creative and innovative, why are there no quotes from them? Oh yeah: because this is a publicity stunt designed to promote Pilgrims Choice’s stinky, pus-filled product. What they want us to take away from that is that Pilgrims Choice 1) is generous, and 2) knows everything there is to know about cheese. Oh, Daily Mail. But someone in the Pilgrims Choice PR department does appear to have actually made cheese dresses, so here they are.

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    • lisa dillon

      Hi there, here’s a quote from one of the students that you so required. I am the designer and creator of the sheer cheese dress, and I am fully aware that this is not to everyone’s taste, but I feel compelled to comment on your blog report because of the amount of time, commitment and effort we have put into this project. Pilgrim’s choice presented us with a brief: Cheese Couture, as part of our professional practice module at University. The aim being to give us the opportunity to work in a real design environment. We were given free reign on all aspects of design, creation and materials, cheese obviously being supplied due to its expense. The 5 dresses selected were so due to the imaginative, innovative and adventurous interpretation of the brief. With a pinch of humility, we are all very proud of our work and hoped our effort showed. Lisa Dillon

      • Jamie Peck

        OMG hi! I am sorry I doubted you. In my defense, the Daily Mail is known for making shit up. Rock on with your badass cheesy self.