Incase Releases An Andy Warhol iPhone Snap Case

The nice thing about these Andy Warhol iPhone snap cases by incase is that you kind of assume that if Warhol were still around today, he’d be making iPhone cases himself. So it doesn’t feel dirty, like it sometimes does when great artwork is repurposed as, say, toilet paper, or a tote, or a coffee mug. It feels natural, even good to take Warhol’s pop art and slap it on something as pop-technology as an iPhone. This is really a homecoming, of sorts, for the artist. It all seems so right.

incase, $49.95


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    • Olivia

      perfect for the Caucasian hipster bitch that needs to validate her art history education to the world while simultaneously looking like an asshole! as if iphones aren’t enough pretension, just slap the most over exposed warhol image there is on your 200 dollar gadget, then tell me about how much you totally love the velvet underground, right?

    • Jennifer Wright


    • Meredith

      Jessica is spot on. Warhol would’ve been designing with apple since day one. He was art for profit and shock. I would rather throw my phone into the Hudson than have that case on it, but it makes sense. I can hardly wait to have my first sighting *vomits*

      However- I love that album.