Would You Marry A Pro Athlete?

So, Kim Kardashian recently made the news for her massively obscene, 20-carat, $2.5 million engagement ring, that, IMHO, didn’t look like a ring so much as a huge rock shat out by a mountain and dropped right onto the only band that could support it.

She got that monstrosity from pro basketball player Kris Humphries, and it makes me wonder as to your feelings about marrying into the sports world.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that pro athletes are a good or a bad choice for marriage, because I don’t even know one pro athlete personally. But they certainly do come with some unique circumstances: fame, the adoration of millions, a hectic travel schedule, and a shit-ton of money. Tiger Woods, for instance, the most notoriously bad choice for marriage, is still the highest paid athlete in the world.

Some women love them; I think they even have their own television show. But I personally am not sure that I could handle it. I wouldn’t like being away from my partner that much, and I’d be lying if I said that the groupie situation wouldn’t bother me.

What about you?

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    • Eileen

      It would depend on his schedule, too, and what I was doing with my life (e.g. how mobile my career would be if he got traded or something). But one thing’s for sure – I would NEVER marry someone who tried to give me a ring as tacky as Kim Kardashian’s. Our taste would obviously be way too different for us to live in the same house.

    • M

      I think that like any profession, pro athletes run the gamut in terms of how they view themselves in relation to their jobs. I can’t say how much for certain since I only know one, but he’s very grounded and has Actual Plans for life after he retires because he knows it won’t last forever, and he has hobbies and interests and an education outside of his sport. He’s also not one of those cult-of-personality type athletes like a lot ones you really hear about; I think that makes a big difference too. He’s not a Big Star, he’s a guy with a life who happens to get paid a ton of money to throw a ball. It still makes me go ‘HOLY CRAP’ when I see his face pop up on the teevee.

      Anyway. Someone like him I’d consider [doesn't hurt that he's crazy hot too], not that they’d ever consider me. Someone who’s hounded by press and throws money around without thinking and gets all hung up on the lifestyle and the image, definite deal-breaker. And, of course, in the end it just comes down to the individual.