Haute Doppelgangers: Models As ‘Icons’ From Marlon Brando To David Bowie

10 fashion photographers and a small army of models come together for the maiden issue of Virgine to recreate iconic looks throughout pop culture, like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” outfit, Patty Smith’s Horses cover and the Fab Four. Above would be our beloved Tiiu Kuik as Audrey. See all the looks in the gallery.

(via Fashion Gone Rogue)

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    • Jennifer Wright

      I think she looks cooler than Audrey. For serious.

      • Lindsay Cross

        I think you are blasphemous.

    • Eileen

      One suggestion – I know that the models have signed their pictures, but some of them are hard to read. Could you maybe put each model’s name next to that of the person she’s posing as?

    • Dove

      James and Jim, and Betty and Marlon are my favorites, but the Brigitte and Marilyn pics just go to show that runway models can’t quite be as sexy as true sex-symbols. You genuinely just need a little more meat on your bones than they have (NOT that I’m saying they look unhealthy or anything like that).

    • Hannah Beth

      Very impressed with how true to the icons’ looks they’ve been. Until ol’ Mickey. It’s like they gave up completely.