• Mon, Jun 6 2011

The Tao Of Models: Inspirational Tweets From The Professionally Beautiful

Work got you down? Relationship a wreck? Hate your kids? No longer trust those you once loved? Barely remember what it feels like to be alive?

…Don’t worry! Models are on Twitter! We’ve put together an inspiring self-help slideshow with content provided by fashion models.

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  • star von bunny

    I am a plush rabbit model and I post my daily affirmations or as i like to refer them “von mantra’s” on my web site starvonbunny.com almost everyday. I also tweet [ms_starvonbunny.com] but regardless where you read my life lessons [it isn't easy being plush]
    I hope they inspire you. I am no dumb bunny!
    star xo
    ps i looooove your site

  • Megan

    God. Good thing they have day jobs.

  • Lindsay Cross

    Sorry stick figures with puffy lips… that didn’t make me feel better!

  • Eve

    These tweets remind me of Michelle’s bit from Survivor by Destiny’s Child… a load of trotted-out clichés stolen from her therapist O_o

  • Eileen

    Eh. Twitter’s pretty self-absorbed. Everyone on Twitter more or less sounds like an idiot.

  • paul

    I’ll hear nowt against Tanya Dziahileva.