Gallery: The 8 Coolest Nail Color Trends For Spring 2011

Need something different for your nails? We’ve rounded up Spring 2011′s major color trends and found some excellent, affordable examples.

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    • Wendy

      I think we established this during late winter and-…Spring! How about trends for summer, its June 7th today. I think this site has actually already done nail polish trends for Spring when it was relevant. Tell us something we don’t know.kthx

      • Francesca

        I’m pretty sure Spring and Summer are technically the same season in the fashion world, so this is actually incredibly relevent seeing as you wouldn’t wear light pastel colors in winter. I think we established this during well, forever. Tell us something you actually know about. kthx

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Excuse me. “The 8 Coolest Nail Color Trends For Spring/Summer 2011.” Which is, you know, right now.

      • Jordan

        Wendy, Do you have anything better to do ? Get a life!

    • Delilah

      As someone who reads nail polish blogs, it is super obvious to me that you have taken pictures off of people’s blogs and posted them without credit, which is stealing. Not cool. Give credit where it is due.

    • Topf

      I have tested so many nail polish colors. Most of them totally fail with my darker skin tone. It would be nice if in such lists they’d show which match darker skin colors too, or if some of the model photos were of darker people.