Man Attempts To Shame Girlfriend For Abortion Using Billboard; Is Asshole

In New Mexico, a man is attempting to smash to pieces the existing standard for being the worst ex-boyfriend ever. Greg Fultz, 35, paid $1,300 to have the above billboard hung on White Sands Blvd. depicting, as you can see, an image of what a great father he would have been if only his ex, Nani Lawrence, hadn’t had an abortion. The sign reads: “This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child!”

As it turns out, no one, including Fultz, actually knows the circumstances surrounding the loss of the pregnancy; Lawrence’s friends have said that it was a miscarriage, and even Fultz admits that he doesn’t know what happened:

“…if it was abortion [emphasis ours], then my purpose is to try to prevent this from happening to someone else.”

Of course, it doesn’t matter whether the accusations are true or false; what Fultz is doing is despicable either way.

Anyway, last week, a domestic court commissioner advised that the billboard be taken down by June 17 and that a protective order be issued for Lawrence, but Fultz says that he’ll keep fighting for his right to continue to publicly violate the rights of his ex.

In explaining to the Alamogordo Daily News what he’s using as legal precedent to defend Fultz’ right to keep the billboard up, Fultz’ lawyer, Todd Holmes, cited the Supreme Court decision made earlier this year that ruled in favor of Westboro Baptist Church. You know, the group that protests military funerals with anti-gay hate speech:

“Very unpopular offensive speech,” [Holmes] said. “The Supreme Court, in an 8 to 1 decision, said that is protected speech. Even though those people were sickened and felt harassed, that is free speech.”

I mean, honestly, guy? If that’s the group you’re willing to be affiliated with in order to make your point, maybe it’s time to reconsider what you have to say.

The billboard also originally had the endorsement of the Right to Life Committee of New Mexico, but upon finding out that Fultz actually didn’t know whether or not an abortion took place, they revoked their support.

For Lawrence’s part, her lawyer, Ellen Jessen, maintains that Fultz’ billboard violates her client’s privacy. She told the News:

“…Fultz’s right to free speech ends where Nani Lawrence’s right to privacy begins…her private life is not a matter of public interest.”

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    • Eileen

      You know, this is a pretty jerky thing to do, but since neither her name nor her likeness appears on the billboard, I think it’s within his legal right. And I’ll side with protected free speech over people who are offended any day.

      • Melissa

        It says at the bottom of the billboard, “Created for N.A.N.I.”, which, after a quick Google search, turns out to be a Facebook group the guy made himself.

      • Elle

        I think when people pull the freedom of speech card, what they’re really trying to say is “I secretly agree with what they’re saying but I know that would make me an asshole.” This is not just “offensive.” This is harassment and we are allowed to criticize his douchiness.

      • Eileen

        I mean, you can think that, but it’s not true. I’m not afraid to say that I agree with people that others find asshole-ish. And you’re perfectly allowed to criticize him; he’s still a jerk. I just don’t think he’s a criminal.

        The Supreme Court sides with free speech over the offended pretty regularly – even hate speech is considered protected speech, as long as no hate crimes result directly from it.

      • Melissa

        This isn’t be a criminal matter, it’s a civil case. It’s a matter of (possibly) libel, and privacy concerns.

    • B

      “Created for N.A.N.I., the ‘organization’ that I made up, whose acronym just happens to spell my ex’s name.” What a jerk.

      • sarahnoid

        I had my own version of NANI for most of my 20s. But mine stood for No Accent, No Interest.

    • Rachel Kramer Bussel

      Maybe if you feel that strongly about abortion you shouldn’t have sex with women who are pro-choice. Also, the vitriol in this billboard makes me want to say I don’t think this guy would be a good father (not saying if you’re anti-abortion you’re not a good parent, but in this particular case I see this and read: scary, crazy, angry, which, in my book, are not great qualities for parenting).

      • 3000

        “Maybe if you feel that strongly about abortion you shouldn’t have sex with women who are pro-choice.”

        …I support this message. High five, lady!

    • maru

      the dumbfuck should have used a condom. and the stupid woman should have been on birth control if she didn’t want a kid. they deserve eachother! *spit*

      • Jonny

        You’re a bit of an idiot.

    • Steph

      What a fucking douchebag. She can do whatever the fuck she wants with her own body, “even if it were an abortion.”

    • Deborah

      A woman actually had sex with this moron?

    • Magda

      I think I am probably reading this wrong, but the wording of this billboard, which I know, is probably the least important issue of this article, but the wording is bothering me.

      “…If the mother had decided to NOT kill our child.”

      I think maybe it would flow better if it said “had not decided…” but then I think maybe the emphasis/impact of the words “not” and “kill” being next to each other would be lost.

      Anyway. This guy is a diphole. And I cant believe anyone would be with him with out money being involved.

      • woo

        You’re right, it’s a split infinitive. I saw it and immediately thought “triple douchebag”.

        I think that, given this behaviour, that woman made the right choice! (a flippant thing to say, I know)

    • 3000

      All my subjective opinions and immediate hatred for this wanker aside; this is actually kind of dangerous, as it could potentially cause quite a few car accidents. I dunno about you, but I’d certainly be running my car off the road in shock.