What To Wear When Meeting Different Kinds Of Exes

We have all ran into our exes spontaneously on the street, looking like hell, walking away kicking ourselves for not breaking out the six inch pumps to grab groceries. Here’s a gallery for what to wear if you’re actually planning to meet up with an ex, whether it be to homewreck his new life, or simply revel in the great decision you made by leaving him.

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    • Lauren

      I once ran into 2 exes, who were randomly friends with each other after the fact, while at Target. They were picking up stuff for the apartment they shared while I was picking up nothing but tampons and toothpaste, dressed in pink sweats that both have seen me in after sex. I had no idea that they even knew each other let alone lived together. Fun times.

      • joanntheredhead

        I literally laughed out loud while reading your story…I just wish it wasn’t at your expense! But, I think the best thing about the story, really, is that you even told it in the first place. I think your sense of humor about the whole thing is what I find most charming.

      • Dawn

        I recently found out, via some twitter stalking, that two exes of mine are now good friends (they weren’t when I knew them!) I have this secret fear that they talk about me all the time. And then an even more secret fear that they never talk about me.

      • Lauren

        Don’t feel bad for laughing at this, it’s hysterical. I think if I had still had feelings for either of them I would have been more embarrassed but since I was very over both of them, there was nothing but humor in the whole incident. I like to think that one of them made a comment about my sweats and then the other was like “yeah… I know”. Because I honestly don’t think either of them realized they both had dated me until that moment, because why would they?

        I also didn’t even realize my pink sweats are my go to after sex outfit until that moment either.

      • Jill

        OMG, funny!!!!

    • Me

      Hmm… In “The Ex Who’s Heart You Tore Into A Thousand Pieces”, it should be whose, not who’s. That is all.