• Thu, Jun 9 2011

How To Have Wallpaper When You’re Poor

As we’ve discussed, wallpaper is both expensive and a total pain in the ass to put up. That’s why, for the areas of my home that I would wallpaper if I weren’t so lazy and had more disposable income, I simply get samples of the shit and throw it into frames. Here’s how you can, too:

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  • Eileen

    My mom went through a sponge-painting kick at one point when I was in middle school. If you use rich colors and have them overlap a lot, it can really look like wallpaper but costs less.

  • Jo

    I actually do that with wrapping paper/scrapbooking paper.

    The prints are really cool but sadly the photo is shitteh.

    My collection has significantly grown since this was taken. As a lover of all things bicycle related, I found a cute scrapbooking sheet that had a bicycle on it. Framed it. cost like $2.75 with the frame included. voila.

  • Steph

    This is brilliant! I never thought of this, but I will be doing it a lot now.