• Thu, Jun 9 2011

Shopping Guide: Be A Denim Monster All The Time

When you think denim, you may imagine “jeans” or maybe “a shirt” or perhaps even “chambray.” FOOL. Denim can be made into everything. Here’s a bunch of denim stuff, some of which may surprise you.

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  • Jolie

    you forgot the denim diapers (shudder)

  • Francesca

    how could you do a gallery of denim and not mention the most famous denim atrocity of all time? britney spears and justin timberlake.

    canadian tuxedo at it’s finest.

  • Jen


    That’s me laughing at those boots until I choked on my lunch.

  • Steph

    dear net-a-porter, denim should not cost $1500. however, i do love those shoes. damn you ysl!