What Your Underwear Says About You

Let’s just get this out there – if you have days of the week underwear it means you have terrible time keeping skills. The meaning behind everything else is slightly more abiguous. Thank God you have us to help you understand your very soul.

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    • Corissia

      What I keep coming back to after looking at these is.. How do you wash a “C String”? Can they be put in the washing machine? Are they dishwasher safe? Will the stiff back stab you in the ass if you sit down funny? So many questions for such a small thing.

    • Eileen

      Bikinis are awesome. The end.

      • Renae


    • MrsNutt

      A.Bikinis all the way

      B. I had no idea the “C-String” existed……that just looks wrong.

    • Fabel

      I own several C strings & they’re good because you don’t get that waistband line that even “invisible” thongs have. To answer your questions, I don’t know how to wash them because I haven’t had to yet (I have several, like I said, and it’s not like I wear them often) and they’re actually comfortable BUT not very secure

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