Poll: When SHOULD You Bare Your Belly?

Let’s look at this picture and then have a little moment here. Because I want to know how you’re feeling!

At first I looked at this and I thought “midgets can do whatever they want whenever they want because they will always be awesome.” Then I pulled back a second and thought “but doesn’t belly baring always look terrible? Just, all the time?” But hey, they’re what, 13 year old girls? It seems inappropriate to judge 13 year old girls for wanting to feel the breeze against their… belly button rings? How do they even have belly button rings? What is the world coming to? Do we live in nightmareworld? It’s all too complicated. Here. Here is a poll.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Rachel

      This random picture made my Monday morning! Where on Earth did you find it?

    • Taylor

      I think a better question to ask is why don’t all of the editors replicate this photo (including the girl flipping off the camera) and send it to Melinda? It would solidify your status as not people.

      • Amanda Ernst

        I love this idea.

    • Ellen W.

      Totally agreeing with Taylor and I wanted to pointout the (I assume) little brother photobomb.

      (And just a note- I think it’s better to say “little person” than “midget”, I could be wrong.)

      • Ashley Cardiff

        You’re not wrong.

    • Arnie

      Oh America. You never cease to amuse me.

      The boy in the back is definitely my favourite.