Poll: Do You Like Chest Hair On Men?

Over at Slate, Troy Patterson has an article up about the history of male body hair. The article is, of course, inspired by one hairless Weiner; photographic evidence that the Congressman waxes his chest exists here.

So the question is, what do we think about hairless men? I can tell you that I, for one, am not a fan. Chest hair is the kind of thing that grew on me the way suits grew on me. When I was 19 or 20, I liked neither chest pubes nor a nice black Hugo Boss; now, I like a full-torso Afro busting out the top of an unbuttoned lamé suit shirt.

Just kidding. But I do like men with hair on their chest, and am particularly bothered by those who remove it deliberately. It’s one thing if you were born without it. But if you were born with it, depilation grosses me out. Are you trying to look like a teen boy? Does that mean you’re going to behave like a teen boy? Cause if so, I don’t want to know you, and I certainly don’t want to fuck you.

Ladies? Your thoughts? (Gents, if you’re out there, feel free to weigh in too…but…are you out there? Do we have male readers? Who are you?)

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Eileen

      I agree with you 100% on this one – just go with what you have! Shave your face and trim your head hair, but getting rid of anything more is a waste of time and effort. Unless he’s, say, Michael Phelps. Then he has an acceptable reason to get rid of his chest hair because being super-water-dynamic wins him cool stuff.

    • Leah

      Sorry, I have to point out the hypocrisy of belittling men for shaving their chest sweater, when the majority of ladies on here shave their vag/legs/armpits daily (I know that for a fact, The Gloss has done like 40 articles on it). Does that mean we want to look like little girls? Are we going to act like little girls?

      That being said, I love super manly hairy dudes and I shave my legs when I wear a skirt, so I guess I’m right there wi you guys.

    • Lindsay Cross

      Alright, I don’t know why this is… and please let’s not tell my husband, but I am not a fan of chest hair. I don’t know. I lay my head on there ALL the time… and chest hair isn’t the softest. It’s just weird. And when it starts bursting out of their shirt? Oh my Heavens… gag.

      But apparently its not that important because my husband definitely doesn’t wax or anything and I still love him dearly and find him attractive. But my first preference would be negative on the chest hair.

    • Isabel

      I really, really, really don’t like it. What’s wrong with me?! If somone can convince me to try and warm up to it with a list of Pro’s or something, I’d happily embrace them because I realize my complete abhorrence with the stuff is very inconvenient.

      • Eileen

        My very first celebrity crush was Pierce Brosnan. I’ve always thought that The World is Not Enough is a good argument for the sexiness of chest hair.

        Actually, I think it’s that most men naturally have chest hair. Embracing it, rather than getting rid of it, projects confidence in one’s appearance and general un-fussiness. Plus, it makes me think he’s less likely to throw a fit if I’m not completely hairless (which I’m not). Finally…I don’t know…this sounds silly, but it makes him look like a MAN. Highlights the difference between a man’s body and a woman’s body. (I am totally a fan of the chest hair poking over the top of an unbuttoned collar, btw – sorry Lindsay)

      • Lindsay Cross

        It’s ok Eileen, I realize that I’m not in the majority here. For some reason, hair coming up out of a shirt just makes me think of skeevy used car salesmen.

    • murt

      Ya I agree – I’m a fairly hairy person, and I’m really haphazard about removing hair (I rarely shave anything), so I don’t like it if he’s more meticulous about that stuff than I am. Plus I love the feel of a hairy chest.

      The one exception for me though is the Shat back in the 60s as Cpt Kirk. He was super hot without hair!

    • El

      I’m really lucky. My guy is just naturally a non-hairy kind of person. He has some chest hair…but his hair is so fine, it’s hardly a thing to get in the way. So clearly I’m not the biggest fan to begin with. But honestly? If my guy had it, I’d deal. I’m there for the guy himself, not what his chest feels like.

    • Kait

      If you had asked me this question six months ago, I would have said “No way, no chest hair, blah blah blah” and given you a bunch of reasons why. But I’ve now dated a guy with chest hair and I’ve got to say, I kind of dig it. I feel like I could go either way now–I don’t write it off immediately anymore.

    • niamh

      Please, chest hair everywhere. It’s so manly! A lovely hairy man to throw you over his big masculine shoulder… Oh my word. LOVE that shit. Longtime. Does become a bit of an issue in the autumn years though, when it goes gray, and starts to spread to the back and those aforementioned lovely shoulders. But on a younger man, it is frigging delicious looking.

    • http://theitinshit.tumblr.com SY

      my boyfriend desperately wishes that he had “a beautiful hairy chest.” he is greek/italian, so his bareness really seemed to me to be a genetic marvel. until he shared an explanation for this disparity: one time in high school, he smoked a bong and then proceeded to burn every one of his chest hairs off in front of the bathroom mirror. it was jersey, hairlessness was hot. a few hairs are grown in now, like thick curly pubes. it’s fucked up.

    • david


    • steven

      i have just turned 17 years old yesterday me and my dad went to the local swimming pool .I felt embarrassing as i have a hairy chest i think everyone was looking at me my dad says i am very mature for my age as i started to get chest hair when i was 15 any other boys got chest by the time they were 15

    • john

      am 18years old and i have a younger brother who is 16. I got armpit hair at 12
      pubes at 13 happy trail between 14 and 15 chest hair at 16 what all the fuss about and my younger brother is now getting some chest hair

    • alan

      i started to get chest hair when i was 15 am 17 now i have hairs right across my chess

    • faisi

      i am very like chest hair,
      and man ‘s chest romens and sucking nipal

    • jaanfaisi

      i love men’s chest hair