Video: Bill Maher And Jane Lynch’s Dramatic Reading Of Anthony Weiner’s Sexts

Does the Weinergate-related fun ever stop? Not so far, it doesn’t. The most recent amusement to come out of this 21st century scandal is a dramatic reading of one of Weiner’s conversations with Las Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss, as performed on Bill Maher’s HBO show Real Time by Maher and the inimitable Jane Lynch. I’m not sure it’s possible overstate how awesome it is.

Not to ruin the joke by explaining it or anything, but this is funny for a variety of reasons. The juxtaposition of the absurdly dirty, LOL-speak ridden messages with the classy music and formal enunciation is pretty great. Then there’s the cheerful way Lynch delivers lines like “I love that you’re always hard when I talk to you.” Also, for those not in the know, Lynch is a lesbian, which makes her reading of the lines even more absurd. The messages are funny enough on their own, but hearing them spoken aloud hammers home just how embarrassing they are. My favorite bit of irony comes at the end, when she says “you get your ass to work and save my country from those cock sucking Republicans.” As opposed to cock sexting Democrats?

I’ve actually got a decent amount of sympathy for Anthony Weiner, but this is too good not to have a chuckle at. Maybe someday Weiner will gain enough distance from his nightmarish scandal to be able to watch this and laugh at his own foolish foibles? Hey, it could happen.

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    • Erin B

      I snorted diet coke out of my nose from laughing so hard at this. Seriously wish I could post on twitter & Facebook but I have too many coworkers as friends and I don’t think they would all appreciate it. But WOW!