Gumball Nails: How Do You Feel?

Katy Perry claims that she has sprinkles on her nails in this picture, although they are clearly gumballs. Either way, what do you think about the look?

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    • jill

      I think no.

    • jill

      oops… let me re-word that to answer your question… I feel no.

    • Eileen

      If she had longer fingernails and she were wearing them for a week at the beach, I would think they were kind of fun. Just randomly, and on shorter nails, they look weird and make her hands seem stubby.

    • Lisa

      Jimmies belong on ICE CREAM! Is Katy Perry implying that she is ice cream?

    • April

      I think it’s a cool idea, but the technique looks a bit sloppy on the outer edges of the nail. Love the idea.

    • Narelle

      I guess it would be a nice treat for people who bite their nails, but that’s about it.

    • Cara


    • sara

      I think… it’s a joke?

    • nicole

      ew. Sprinkles could MAYBE work as tips on really long nails, but here they just look awkward. Anything that thick will make your nails look really stubby.