Gallery: Enjoy Lanvin’s Kid Clothing With Quotes From Das Kapital

Remember when I told you about 19th Century oil tycoon Alber Elbaz’s decision to launch a “superluxury” line of children’s clothing, and most of you agreed that it would hasten the demise of capitalism by several decades? Well, Sir Elbaz made good on the threat, and now there are photos to prove it. (My anarcho-commie boyfriend is doing the Snoopy dance as we speak.) Is the Lanvin kids’ line ridiculously cute, or just ridiculous? You be the judge.

(Photos via Styleite)

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    • Jinx

      Whatever, man.

    • sheherbano

      i’m going to look through this, but i would just like to assert: i hate Lanvin.

    • Eileen

      The clothes are adorable, although I would never, ever buy them for my (hypothetical) kids. I just don’t see the point in paying thousands of dollars for something my mom would LOVE to make her grandkids for a grand total of like $20.

      Also, Karl Marx sucks. He and Jacob Burckhardt and their effing teleological historiography screwed historians over. I hate them. Also, teleological historiography, because it is stupid and wrong.

    • Ally

      At least they are wearing flats. Also the coat is super cute… I want that in adult size.

    • Kathy Shaidle

      And yet, despite your readers’ collective wisdom, capitalism persisted, and persists.


      PS: this makes your anarcho-commie boyfriend not only a contradiction in terms, but a twit. Let me guess: you’re supporting him, right?

      • Jamie Peck

        These are jokes. I’m a boring old democrat. Boyfriend is real though! He’d jump in to defend himself, but he’s too busy living off the fruits of my labor.
        (jk, he works harder than anyone I know.)

    • BD Weiner

      No prices? I guess it’s true, if you have to ask then you can’t afford it. They’ll probably sell a couple of dozen of each, never to be heard from again.