Video: Anna Wintour’s Five Word Webby Acceptance Speech

So, a thing called The Webby Awards happened last night in New York City, and based on the opinions of the voting public, they gave Vogue a “People’s Voice Award” in the “Fashion” category. Although this particular awards show seems like the kind of thing thousand-year-old vampyre goddess Anna Wintour would be waaaaay too busy to attend, lo and behold, she showed up to accept the award in person. (Must have been a slow night in her blood diamond encrusted space lair.)

“ fuses the the dynamic spirit of the internet with the timeless visionary elegance of the magazine,” said presenter Daniel Radcliffe by way of introduction, and then the eternally bobbed goddess took the stage. In true Twitter-obsessed fashion, the Webbys only allow five word acceptance speeches, and she had hers ready. “Sometimes…geeks can be chic,” she purred, gave a tiny giggle, and was gone.

I hope the Webbys’ organizers felt sufficiently blessed. Maybe someday they’ll be able to convince her to stop disabling the “Save Image As” option on all of her sites.

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    • August S.

      My god..she…she has terrible posture! Does Kate Moss have halitosis? Did Grace Kelly invent the Snuggie?! ARE ALL MY FASHION ICONS MONSTERS?!