Tween Sex Scandals: Why Are Women Such Sluts?

Editor-in-chief Jennifer Wright and I were having a conversation about some trivial bullshit and then, for whatever reason, the phrase “French kiss” was used. It seemed to occur to us simultaneously that we had not heard this phrase since middle school and the idea of the French kiss had not been provocative, titillating, or reputation-obliterating in about as long.

Back in the day, right around fifth or sixth grade, Jane French kissing John on the blacktop was a matter of enormous scandal. Here are some stories of our own awakening recognition of sexual activity: let TheGloss (and a few of our B5 buddies) transport you back in time when standards of decency were astronomically high and everyone was appalled by all this risky, slutty behavior.


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    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      Haha — “two-piece.” That just brought me way back.

    • Somnilee

      When I was 11 (we call that year 6 here, no idea what the comparison is) we were getting changed after swimming when the next class of 7-8 year olds came in and I remember one little girl having a bra. I remember feeling digusted. I remember also saying the line “Why does she need a bra? She’s so flat chested, if her chest was any small they’d be going backwards”.

      • Somnilee

        *if her chest was any smaller it would be going backwards.
        Learn to type, woman.

    • Eileen

      When I was in fifth grade, my best friend and I once talked about blow jobs. Now, I’m pretty sure we didn’t know what an orgasm was, or why anyone would want to give or receive a blow job, but this was right after Clinton’s impeachment trial so obviously it came up. My best friend had also been French-kissed, which was cool although gross (to be perfectly honest, even as an adult it can sometimes be kind of gross). I remember being terribly scandalized at the grossness of it all.

    • Cassieleigh

      To Slide 8 0f 10 Jennifer,

      This was my experience. I’d always wanted to be kissed and I blame Disney for the princesses always getting kissed. Silly 7th grade boyfriend just didn’t quite get it. Since we went to different schools, our dating consisted of talking on the phone for about 2 hours a night, our respective pets being the primary topics of conversation.

      • Meghan Keane

        I also had this problem, but I was in high school and it took me six months to get my boyfriend to kiss me. When it finally happened, we broke up the next day. Did I mention I was a late bloomer?

    • Lindsay Cross

      Ok, apparently my middle school was seriously slutty! A girl in my group of friends started dating a guy in high school. Wwe were in 8th grade at the time. Then, suddenly, the whole school was talking about how she’d been “finger-banged”. I can’t believe I just typed those words. I feel kind of gross about it.

      But yea, the whole school was frantically passing notes about what a slut she was. To make the scandal better, the douche dumped her shortly after that and started dating her best friend, who was then the school strumpet.

      There’s kind of a happy ending though. I’m pretty sure the guy is seriously overweight and working as security for a nightclub now. Both girls are happy, successful and getting married this summer.

    • Leah

      I had a boyfriend in 3th grade. A friend in our class asked me one day if I had kissed him (I hadn’t), but I was so embarrassed about the question that I said I broke up with him. She ran and told him on recess, and I didn’t speak to that guy again until senior year of high school (we were in the same class the whole time, very awkward). I’ve always wondered what could have been…

    • Q

      In elementary school, there were a few popular kids in my grade who would sometimes “date” each other. Once on a school field trip the most popular girl in the grade sat on a popular boy’s lap. I remember kids talking about feeling sorry for him. I guess she was pretty obvious about who she liked, for a kid.
      I also remember something about her trying to date another boy who kept saying no.

    • Dawn

      I guess our school (which was french immersion…oh those french girls…) was pretty chaste? I mean, up until the 9th grade I honestly thought oral sex meant..drumroll please…KISSING. So, too mortified to admit that I still hadn’t been kissed by the 7th grade, I said “Yes, I’ve had tons of oral sex!”
      Anybody care to guess what my reputation was like for the rest of middle school?

    • Talia

      Oh man my middle school was awful in terms of sluttiness, and I’m sure that some girls who went there had their golden slut years in that hell hole. My friend and I were recently discussing what went down in our middle school (as I was totally out of the loop, still playing with a gameboy..) and apparently in the 6th grade a few kids had already had sex. I don’t think I knew what sex was in 6th grade.

    • Sunshine

      This post is awesome!

      In year 7 I remember rumours about a girl and a guy having sex.. in the school yard. Apparently they didn’t have a condom so they used a Twisties packet.. held on with a hair elastic.

      I remember the hushed discussions about how much of a slut she was, which I suppose she was, if it was even true. I just could never get over the Twisties packet – it could not have been comfotable, that scratchy foil stuff in your vag! Plus the guy must have got cheese powder in his bits!

      I have never looked at Twisties the same since then..

    • Nessy

      In the fifth grade there was a huge brouhaha when, after a boy and girl kissed on the playground at recess, HE WAS CHEWING HER GUM! I was none to bright and thought the process must have involved spitting said gum like a mama bird into a baby bird’s hungry beak, and completely disgusted at how unsanitary the whole process must be. I mean, kissing is one thing, but spitting gum? Gross. I was obviously a late bloomer.

      • Nessy

        and *was* completely disgusted. I should probably learn to type.

    • MM

      My high school was weird in that being a virgin was lame and uncool, but the thought of having sex with someone who wasn’t your boyfriend was an OMG SCANDAL!! I was an uncool virgin and at a party in 12th grade I slept over at my (male yet obviously gay) best friend’s house because I didn’t want my mom to see how drunk I was. I lost my “good girl” reputation so hard that people came up to me in COLLEGE and asked me about it.

      The real kicker, of course, is that yours truly the super slut lost her virginity at 20. (:

    • M

      I like to tell people I can pinpoint exactly when kids went all crazyslutty: it was the year after mine in school. My class was all normal and scandalized by simple things; I remember in 9th grade a girl who liked to think she was worldly and knowledgeable asked [in a whisper, naturally] if we knew what a ‘kilt’ was. I told her it was a Scottish man-skirt. She said ‘No! It means something else too,’ and looked down at her crotch. I told her she was an idiot and that was a clit, not a kilt. She asked how I knew if I was supposedly less experienced than her, and I told her there was no correlation between how much I spread my legs and how much I read. Not every 14-year-old was quite as clueless as her though.

      That same year, the 8th grade class [a year younger than us] was almost sent home from their Washington DC trip because a few girls kept giving guys handjobs in the back of the bus. I stand by my conclusion that mine was the last semi-normal year.

    • Amber

      Okay so to Ashely on the first slide. First of all, I have a two-piece and I JUST finished 7th grade! I’ve had one in 6th too and I have morals also. Just because she liked her body and wanted to wear a two-piece doesn’t mean she’s a whore or going to become one. I wouldn’t be saying this if you hadn’t said “I remember two other girls talking in the mostly-empty shower afterward and both of them wearing one-pieces, I guess because they had morals. ”

      Wearing a two-piece is absolutely fine, and doesn’t mean your going to be a slut.

      Also to Jill on slide 6. SO??? They made out, woo! Is she doing that with every boy in the school? No. “When everyone had found out that they made out behind the dumpsters during lunch, people started rumors and it was kinda horrible for her, but that’s okay because I hate her now and she got ridiculed and label a huge slut in high school later on so, in my mind, she deserved it.” WHY? Just because she had a little make out session with some boy? Your in middle school, when your suppose to finally try a bit of dating and see what you want in a relationship!

      • Michelle

        Sweetheart, they’re making fun of how ridiculous the “slut rumors” were. I think their point is that it isn’t a big deal to wear a 2 piece bathing suit and etc, etc.

      • Nikole

        Times have changed and I agree with Michelle they were poking fun at themselves and people around them, the articles were great made me laugh and brought up many memories of the most god forsaken scandals an 8 year old could do haha thanks girls for always making me smile!