And The Top Five Bestselling Lipsticks Of 2011 (So Far) Are…


The winners

According to research done by consumer and retail info provider NPD Group, the top five bestselling lipsticks available (from January to April 2011) are:


#1 Mac Lipstick
#2 Lancome L’Absolu Rouge
#3 Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick
#4 Lauder Pure Color Lipstick New
#5 Chanel Rouge Coco Shine


Apparently after almost a decade of declining sales, lip color “began to show growth again last year.” NPD says:

We saw the preference for rich as well as retro colors and in 2011 we are seeing new neutrals come to the fore. As the fashion industry increasingly features bold as well as understated lip statements on the runway and in advertisements, lip color appears to be getting its groove back.

It’s unsurprising that Mac slays the competition here: the line is comparatively affordable and Russian Red looks good on everyone.

Tell us, did you contribute to any of these products making the cut? Do you prefer Chanel’s sheer and lovely Rouge Coco Shine to Estee Lauder’s great Pure Color lipstick? Does market research like this ever tempt you to try something you haven’t?

(NPD via StyleList)

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    • Ellen W.

      Is there any way to see what the best selling shades were of each of those lines? That could be very interesting.

      Also- I’m considering taking the plunge and buying Chanel lipstick because I’ve heard great stuff about it.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        My first “aspirational” lipstick was a deep red Chanel shade called Saturn. To this day, it remains one of my favorite beauty items ever.

    • Chameleon69

      I used Mac for a while, but you seriously can’t go wrong with Lancome lipsticks and eyeshadows. A friend of mine who buys the cheapy eyeshadows was amazed at the differnce the Lancome brand was and how much smoother/nice it was.

      I have a couple of Cliniques that are nice as well.

    • Ons

      I mostly buy MAC products because they have the widest range of colors, especially for my skintone. I tend to stay away from Lancome/L’Oreal because they test on animals.

    • Elizabeth

      always MAC for me.

    • jn

      Why are all the mac lipsticks grouped together (cream sheen, luster, matte,ect) and the other brands offering are seperate (i.e Lancome has L’absolu Rouge and color design, Chanel has rouge allure, rouge coco. ect.). Seems a little biased.

    • Ann

      As much as I love lipstick, they were clearly not made for black women. :(

    • danielle dias

      the research definitely makes me want to try something I haven’t yet!