Gallery: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Registry Contains Hermes Flatware, A $6500 Vase, Crystal Monkeys

The gunshoes over at Hollywood Life uncovered Kim Kardashian’s wedding registry. To all those invited (presumably the entire staff down to the mail boys of every national celeb weekly) (and most international ones), you can now rest easy: gift buying is made quick and convenient. Baubles like $1,100 ashtrays and $735 for crystal “three wise monkey” figurines ahead.

UPDATE: Aaaaaaaaand the site is down.

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    • sarahnoid

      Homegirl has some seriously bad taste.

      Of course, this is not news.

    • grammar police

      So expensive and yet still so tacky! It’s the Kardashian way.

    • Eileen

      *trying to look on the positive side*

      The silverware is okay…

    • Shae

      Holy crap. Tacky and sterile looking. SO boring.

    • miinxi

      how many vases do you need from one wedding? and the ash tray? is she a smoker? (and more controversial ANNOUNCING shes a smoker?)