Gallery: Elle Fanning In Marie Claire

There’s something undeniably creepy about a thirteen-year-old girl dressed in thousands of dollars worth of sophisticated couture, staring out at you like she knows your soul’s deepest secrets. Why are you looking at me like that, Elle Fanning?? Go play with your toys!

But that’s sort of the essence of child actors, isn’t it? Little grownups who have no use for videogames and are wise beyond their years? Until we start CGI-ing kids’ roles in movies, here they must remain, staring. Always staring.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Elle Fanning from Marie Claire. She looks nice in them.

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    • porkchop

      She looks a lot like my friend who got pregnant sophomore year of high school and I never saw again. I still miss her.

    • Eileen

      She’s probably not all that much younger than the girls in the pictures that accompany the stories. As soon as you have boobs, you’re cleared to play a young woman.

    • andrea dunlop

      Ugh, why are you so SAD Elle? She doesn’t even look happy in the jumping photo. If they were gonna do angst they should have at least gone for legitimate, bratty teenage girl angst– not this world-weary ish.

    • ALS

      She looks so depressing and honestly, she looks old in these pictures. There is nothing youthful about them.

    • sheherbano

      i think she’s brilliant. say whatever about kids and modelling, but this girl is talented. and honestly i think she shows far more range than emma watson did in her american vogue spread.

    • Marta

      I found the photo spread of Elle Fanning really inappropriate and almost creepy. She is 13 and looks about 25 in the photos, making vacant, sexy expressions yet looking childlike — and wearing a transparent blouse and hot pants in one of the shots. Right now, we are in an era of hypersexualizing young girls, making them think that their sex appeal is what we value in them: something a magazine like Marie Claire shouldn’t be condoning. That’s what the photo spread supports, sadly.