Shopping Guide: Fantastic Looks For Every Summer Outing

It’s getting hot! It’s getting so unbearably hot that one can no longer just throw on a dress, black tights and a cool jacket for every occasion. …One has to think a little more critically. So, here’s our picks for excellent summer activites: cocktail parties, BBQs, mini golf and picnic dates (assuming people still do that).

We’ve also done summer office looks and plenty of swimsuit coverage.

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    • m

      Did you really reccommend I spend almost $400 on a mini-golf look? Really? For mini-golf? Realllllly.

      Almost $1000 on a OUTDOOR CONCERT look? Where people are drinking/doing drugs and half the time the mud takes over? Okay- that’s gonna happen.

      And just to round it out- $800 to sit on the ground and eat food & wine. Yup. Practical. Thanks.

      You couldn’t even do a this is the high-end this is the real life prices with this? Come the fuck on….


      • Francesca

        I’m pretty sure these are just suggestions for the idea of an outfit, not telling you to go out and buy the exact items. It’s meant as a GUIDE hence uh, shopping guide?

    • Cass

      These are all good options except the romper at a music festival. From experience, trying to pee in a porta-potty (or anywhere) in a romper can be a very difficult and time-consuming process — especially when it’s pitch black in those nasty restrooms! I won’t be making that mistake again. I think shorts are the best way to go.

    • m

      Hey Francesca,

      I hear you on the guide thing. I just think it could be more comprehensive. I don’t need a Prada heel to show me that a classic black stilletto is helpful when dressing for a day on the job at the Bank. There’s other shoes out there… Give me a range.

      What’s I love about this site is that it constantly gives you a varied spectrum of options/ideas/price ranges based on the styles offered. This felt like a posting sponsored by Net-a-Porter.

      And with the outings listed it just felt way off base. To me. My opionion.

    • Megan

      But…isn’t it more fun to look at the Prada heels? I know what a black stiletto looks like–I can go to Macy’s and buy a pair for not-rich people. It’s much more fun to ooh and aah over the Prada shoes that I will probably never even see in person. And I don’t think anyone’s recommending Net-A-Porter; it’s the style of outfit that’s being recommended.

      If you like the outfit, you have the idea…now go to Old Navy.