Poll: What’s Your Favorite “Guy Movie?”

There’s a post on MyDaily right now about a woman who is not afraid to like Indiana Jones. It’s called “A Woman in a Man’s World? One ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ Fan Doesn’t Care.” Hahahaha. Every human being in the world likes Raiders. All of them. Every one. If there are extraterrestrials, their favorite movie series is also Indiana Jones (they love Temple of Doom the best because it is the best, and extraterrestrials are smart like that). But I guess if this qualifies as fighting against the patriarchy then hell, let’s all do it! Let’s begin fighting the good fight right now with this helpful poll.

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    • Eileen

      I put James Bond (my goal in life is to be a ’90s Bond girl because they are smart, beautiful, well dressed, badass, and frequently in bed with Pierce Brosnan – what more could I want?), but I also love The Godfather and The Godfather Part II.

    • Lauren

      I can’t choose! I love all of those movies, except James Bond… I have never actually seen and James Bond movie. This is going to take some time to decide…

    • porkchop

      A lot of those are just awesome movies, not guy movies.

      Now that I think about how many times I’ve seen “Major League,” I may not actually be a woman. See also: “Predator.”

    • Ellen W.

      Die Hard.

      I love the Bond movies and I love two out of three Indiana Jones movies. I love “Major League” and “The Replacements” but I love them in a very lady-like way. But I love Die Hard because things go boom and “Yippie-kai-yay (etc)” is one of the best kiss-off lines in cinima.

      • Lindsey

        Die Hard! Die Hard! Die Hard!

    • andrea dunlop

      The Fast and the Furious. LOVE!

    • Elizabeth


    • lea

      Definitely Fight Club.
      Or Pulp Fiction.

    • BriannaW

      What about Star Wars???? Not only are those my favorite “guy movies”, they’re my favorite movies, period!!

      But then again, I can’t stand “girl movies”, so really, I could like any of those.

    • August S.

      Snatch takes top honors as my favorite guy (ritchie) movie.

    • Ness

      Urgh, I don’t consider any of these as “guy” movies. In fact as much as most commonly percieved as girl movies play into gender stereotypes (women only like shopping, gossiping and hot men), I don’t consider them “girl” movies. My movie collection is just as full of blood and gore as it is of romance and musicals!

    • Nessy

      As a child, the Indian Jones movies were THE movies my friends and I watched at our slumber parties. They had everything…melting Nazi faces, lots of scary snakes, the eating of monkey brains and eyeballs, the ripping out of a still-beating heart…and of course, a man who was magnetic and attractive in a way that our innocent, pre-pubescent minds didn’t yet understand. So perfect while loading up on sugar and wracking our minds for the goriest ghost stories ever.

    • Mary

      I don’t really consider any of these to be exclusively “guy” movies, but I’ll go for it…Con Air. Hell yes.

    • Grace

      Yes Die Hard, Star Wars, the matrix, and god knows how many others any movie with an excellent explosion and fantastic stunts and I’m happy

    • B

      Army of Darkness. I was born to be compatible with a total nerd.

    • Katy

      Terminator! My best (guy) friend made me watch it when we were in high school and I fell hook, line and sinker. But then, I tend to prefer “guy” films over “chick flicks” any day!!!

    • Kelly

      Fight Club!!!! MIND= FUCKED