Poll: What Sort Of Car Do You Want Men To Drive?

According to a recent study at Rice University (print):

Women found a man who chose to purchase a flashy luxury product (such as a Porsche) more desirable than the same man who purchased a non-luxury item (such as a Honda Civic). However, there was a catch: Although women found the flashy guys more desirable for a date, the man with the Porsche was not preferred as a marriage partner. Women inferred from a man’s flashy spending that he was interested in uncommitted sex.

Right. They’re holding out for a guy who has a Jaguar Roadster. That is completely understandable. But I guess there are women who like Hondas for no apparent reason? I’m going to gamble that Gloss readers love flashy uncommitted sex!

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • Nessy

      “Oh, you like this? Thanks! It’s my husband’s hover car. Very ‘Back to the Future,’ you know.”

    • porkchop

      roadsters are cool, but if you’re talking about flashy, can you beat a giant sedan? Hello, ’67 Fleetwood. Hello, 1960 Lincoln Mark V… Even a 90′s Town Car will turn my head (there’s nothing cool about that car, I’m just trash).

      If it’s a Jag, it’s an XJ6.

    • MM

      I like men who don’t have cars. They’re in better shape from all that walking and biking and more considerate of the environment!

    • Christina

      I live in a city with good public transportation and would think a man a fool if he had a car here. I prefer guys who bike or walk, or take the bus. Nor can you ogle at cute guys in their cars the way you can at the ones riding the same bus with you!

    • Aj

      I live out in the country with poor access to public transportation. And if you don’t have some sort of automobile that probably means you don’t have a job so that’s pretty much my only preference: have an automobile. Although it does make me weep inside to see a grown man in a beetle.

    • Eileen

      If I’m in the city, I would like him to own a nice-enough car (because sometimes you go somewhere that really does require driving) but take public transportation most of the time.

      As for what kind of car…how about “the kind of car that is paid off”? If that’s a really awesome Carrera, obviously, that is awesome. And I agree with porkchop: The only kind of Jag to own is an XJ6.

    • EL

      I just like cars. Period. I’m not the kind of person who believes every Porsche is a cock-o-meter, either. I think if I guy genuinely likes cars, and finally got whatever his fantasy car was, good on him.

      …Top Gear changed my world. Literally.

      • Joe

        You are awesome.

      • M

        I’m with you. I’m a mechanic so I’m kind of differently biased from the average girl, but I would definitely prefer a guy to have a ‘boring’ car but take care of it and know how to drive it than some douche who spent way too much money on an automatic sports car and freaks out every time the tires squeal around a turn because that’s how he crashed the last two.

        This is probably a good perspective seeing as my boyfriend drives an ’89 Civic sedan. However, it is the most spectacularly hilarious ’89 Civic sedan ever. He bought it for $200 when he was 17, and by now it’s on coilovers [which we had to weld on because they didn't mount right] and has become part Acura [brakes], part BMW [seats], part Mini Cooper [ridiculous 17" wheels], and part chalkboard [we painted the roof and draw on it all the time]. We did his timing belt awhile back and I taught him how to time the cam without marking the belt [because he remembered me saying something about how it's not required months before that and so he didn't; I need to be careful what I say around him]. We also cut up his parts car with a Sawzall for our very first real date. We’re pretty awesome together.

        He has confessed to being nervous that I’ll meet some older rich Porsche-driving guy [I started on German cars because my dad has them] who will sweep me off my feet and I’ll leave him behind. I keep telling him he has no need to worry; after all I already dated those guys before him, but he’s the keeper.

    • K

      You’re absolutely right! My boyfriend owns a very nice, very flashy Porsche Turbo and from the beginning of our relationship, he made it very clear that he would never settle down. We have great great amazing unbelievable sex every time though. ;)

    • lisa

      oh vomit. ladies get yourselves your own porches or freaking pick up trucks for that matter and stop worrying about what men are driving.

    • Erica

      I think it really depends on how he pronounces “Jaguar”. “Oh, that’s just my Jag-you-are”….seeya.

      • Jennifer Wright

        What if he growls it a little bit, the way Sean Connery would have?