How To Wear Yellow

God. Yellow. Color of sunflowers, color of jaundice.

Here’s how to look more like the former than the latter when you wear yellow, maybe, if you’re lucky.

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    • porkchop

      If you have the olive undertones, yellow is good. I’m very pale, but have the olive tones, and light yellow is my color.

    • Nessy

      What happened to poor Anne Hathaway? Bless her heart, she looks like she was hit by a runaway Cheeto truck.

      • carla

        I know! I’ve been staring at that picture in shock. 1) because they called that color “tan”, 2) because the writer thinks she looks terrific. Yikes!

    • August S.

      So… be a tan Asian. Got it.

      (BTW: pale people, consider chartreuse! I know that sounds crazy, but I’m pale with dark blond/ light brown hair and it’s the only yellow I can wear that doesn’t make me look like I’m in the last stages of liver disease.)

    • A

      Ok this is really dumb, but you have ONE slide with an Asian model and you immediately focused attention on her race, saying that she looks good in yellow simply because she is Asian? Don’t you people know that Asian skin comes in a variety of shades? We can have olive skin, pale yellow skin, pink skin, peachy skin… and that’s just East Asians, not including Indians and even Indonesians who are also Asian. Sheesh. Why don’t you just point out that since at the start of the slide, you have many pictures of Caucasians in yellow that in order to look good in yellow we have to be Caucasian?

    • Charlotte

      I really hope Anne Hathaway is wearing spray tan in the last picture, because if that’s a real “tan”, she’s in for some serious skin cancer.