Would You Wear: Snooki’s Flip-Flops

Snooki, the orange-est (maybe) cast member from The Jersey Shore, has signed a licensing agreement with MeyeWorld LLC for a line of flip-flops and wedge sandals, in addition to her separate slipper endeavors. Above is the unsurprising pickle-printed option.

This is horrible, right? Who is the market for this? Other cast members? People who wear Ed Hardy? Ironists?!


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    • Jamie Peck

      Why you gotta hate, Ashley? These flip flops will keep me from falling over after I’ve slammed my tenth pickleback and am feeling woozy. PICKLE LIFE.

    • Martha


    • Amanda

      I think they’re kinda cute. I’d buy them if they didn’t have Snooki written on them. Plus, who’s gonna see anything besides you wearing pink flip flops when you actually wear them?