Video: Lady Gaga’s ‘Edge of Glory’ Clip Is Really Boring

Lady Gaga’s third Born This Way single is here: “Edge of Glory,” a winking (hopefully) throwback to the days of huge power ballads and their many accompanying sax solos. In the video, Gaga looks great and wears some vintage Versace, but otherwise absolutely nothing happens. There’s some subway vapor I guess. Apparently the production was plagued by issues between Gaga and the clip’s onetime director Joseph Kahn, who effectively denies involvement now. So don’t go in expecting elaborate dance numbers/costumes/sets or, well, ideas of any kind. Below:

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    • Eileen

      I actually really like “Edge of Glory.” Unlike some of her previous material, it contains no ethnic slurs and does not duplicate an already-existing Madonna song. It also displays the fact that she can sing, which is nice.

    • Paige V.I.

      reminds me of mimi marquez’s “out tonight” video.
      not joking, with the sound off, i’d be convinced.

    • Paige V.I.

      she reminds me of mimi from rent. check out “out tonight.” watch it with
      the sound off… they are teh same thing.

    • Joanna

      Clarence Clemons kind of saves it.

    • noodles

      I like this song, but this music video is so boring. I read somewhere that she had “creative differences” with the director or something and they scrapped the other two sets they had built after day 1 of the shoot.