What Your Type Of Dad Says About You

The assumptions are going to be extra specific in honor of Father’s Day.

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    • Megan

      TK-423? TK-421. If they’re gonna LOL it, LOL it correctly.

    • N

      My father is adorable. The other day when I was visiting he looked at me and asked, without a trace of irony, “Have you heard of this thing called ‘YouTube’? It’s amazing!”

    • Samantha

      My dad is definitely the traditional dad.
      Catches the train home from his job in the city (or used to, until he got tired of them running late and being overcrowded), enjoys himself a beverage or two (on the weekend) and always seems to have a suggestion on how I can do things better.

      It’s funny how accurate this is. And also, one of my old vocal coaches who I still see every so often was feeling sick the last time I saw her, and was having a bad hair day. She actually said to me, “Every time I see you, your hair looks amazing. I’m so jealous!”

    • eelizg23

      I can never relate to these father type posts. Why is there never a redneck dad? Well, I guess mine would be a cross between the absentee dad and a redneck dad.

    • Francesca

      LOL. my dad’s the young at heart. I’ve had the freedom any teen could ask for, alas, I’ve been quite responsible (so far) and bored at parties (since high school)