Poll: Would You Go Bald?

It’s a little surprising that anything Lady Gaga does makes news anymore, as if a woman who wore slabs of raw meat as a dress is now going to shock us with how far she’s willing to take fashion.

But make news she does, and her most recent headline-grabbing move was rocking a bald wig on the Paul O’Grady Show during a recent performance of her song “Hair” (we get the irony — do you?). It would be considered a bold move for just about anyone else, even despite the fact that she didn’t actually shave her head. When other famous women like Natalie Portman, Demi Moore and, tragically, Britney Spears, have done the same, it was also talked about for months (actually, years, because here I am still talking about it).

So I wonder, have you ever, or would you ever, go completely bald?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Jinx

      33% of Gloss readers have wanted to try being bald? We’re a kooky bunch.

      • Christina

        Yet only 11,5 % actually went bald. But I guess in terms of general population (who can’t think outside “but women must have hair! long hair! because they’re women!”) that’s a lot.

        I shaved my head one summer. I imagined I’d look like Natalie Portman in V is for Vengeance, but it turned out post-shave that the shape of my head acutely resembles a square box.

    • Corissia

      Doesn’t this seem like a step back for her? I would think bald would come before raw meat clothing.

    • sara

      Ditto, Christina. I shaved my head and discovered I looked pretty heinous. It was super polarizing for people. They either loved it or were super offended by it and had to be sure to let me know.

    • lisa

      i find lady to be so tiring. if she really had balls she would have shaved her head for real. some statement she made there… i’m sure her highly paid stylists told her not too.

      *i shaved my head in high school but i left bangs cause i had a chelsea (it was a long time ago) i didn’t go completely bald cause that’s not cute.

    • Buzzed Beauty

      I recently buzzed my hair off and it has been quite the adjustment. But I’m really glad that I did, it feels great in the heat! And I love mixing it up with cute floral dresses. I think it’s all about the confidence.

      • Christina

        It also feels great to run your hands over it, especially when it starts to grow back silky smooth, like the fur of a baby gerbil.

    • Shay

      I’ve gone bald, and I loved it! I can’t believe a woman WOULDN’T want to. It feels amazing in the heat of summer, it’s low maintenance, and it’s really silky when it grows back… Yeah, hair grows back! So try it!

    • Rena Graham

      hmmp. may be for men, shaving your head is good but for women, it is still look creepy.