How To Look Like A J. Crew Model

Since I spent all morning finding pictures of J. Crew models to go with our gallery of the sluttiest women imaginable (the kind of who wear cargo shorts!) I now have a comprehensive knowledge of how to look like a J. Crew Model. Perhaps you would like to know how to as well. Perhaps I will tell you. Now. Here. I am telling you now.

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    • August S.

      This reads like an infiltration guide, which is fantastic, but you didn’t answer the most important question: will they ever be people?

    • Danielle Lilly

      LOL I buy 90% of my clothing from JCrew and I never look like the models. I must be doing it wrong.

    • Mandy

      Brilliant. And further confirmation that my sequin J.Crew skirt does belong in the office, not on the street of the LES on a Friday night.

    • Chanel Courtney

      Oh my God. So funny because it’s true. Jenny, I want to meet you, take you to coffee, and discuss life :).