Poll: Crystal Harris Kept Hef’s Engagement Ring – Would You?

According to Radar, Crystal Harris offered to return this $90,000 ring to Hef after calling off the wedding. But, much to her surprise, he let her keep it! Now, look, we’ve already decided that this whole engagement might have been a massive hoax, but, even so, that’s a really big ring to keep when you’re not going to marry the guy. Would you have insisted he take it back? Let’s play Emily Post for matters and manners at the Playboy mansion!

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    • andrea dunlop

      If you thought there was ANY chance the guy needed the money, give it back. In this case, take the ring and RUN!

    • kjon

      I say that she can keep it because Hefner said she could and, well, she did have sex with that sack of bones*.

      *I almost mistyped ‘bones’ to be ‘ones’. I guess sex with him could be like fucking a pile of dollar bills…

    • jun

      i would keep it, sell it, and donate the money.