Poll: Have You Ever Been Caught Having Sex?

Recently, we asked what you would do if you caught your ex in the act of fucking someone else. Would you want to go running back into their arms? Or would you flee in the opposite direction?

Well, now we want to know something even more personal about you, because that’s how we roll. We want to know if you’ve ever been the one to get caught — by your parents, by your partner, by an ex, by a roommate, by a cop. In the interest of full disclosure, we’ll tell you that we, The Gloss staff, once got caught by a police officer while we were boning down in a car, and it was humiliating and awful. We didn’t get ticketed or anything, but we were really young, and so we were pretty embarrassed. But now we suppose it makes for a good story.

How about you?

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    • elizabeth

      In a car, caught by a cop when I was 19. He opened the door on us and everything.

    • Eileen

      How about…”almost”?

      As in, if a certain person hadn’t made so much noise going into the kitchen one morning, he would have caught me in a compromising position with a gentleman in the living room.

    • Lisa

      It was a cop, and it was hilarious (we didn’t really get in trouble), and my accomplice and I still joke about it, but none of the details shall be reported here because NOBODY ELSE HAS HEARD THE STORY! And I don’t care to be identified.

    • breanna

      In University, my boyfriend-at-the-time and I once got busy in the hallway of my dorm late one night (after a few too many beer, and my roommate was in bed asleep). We didn’t realize that the window at the other end of the hallway was in perfect allignment with a bedroom window at the dorm next door, so a considerably large group of people, including my recent ex, watched the whole thing, AND videotaped it. I still wonder if I’m featured on a voyeur- porn website sometimes….

    • Lindsey

      So, my twat waffle ex-roommate walked in on me about 3 times.

      Twat Waffle walks in on us making out, leaves.

      We figure, she won’t come back, let’s get naked and fool around.

      She comes back in, grabs her laptop and paper, leaves. So, naturally, we think she’s not coming back and start having sex.

      She comes back, grabs a piece of gum, and leaves.

      We have more sex.

      She comes back in, sends a text message, and leaves.

      TWAT WAFFLE. It was on a lofted bed, under a blanket, so she saw nothing. And don’t have ANY sympathy for her because I would be in bed, trying to sleep and she’d come back with a man and keep me up uncomfortably forever. (plus we ceased all activity when she entered the room.) (twatwaffle)

      • Lisa


    • J

      my ex lived in one of those cool kid lofts in brooklyn with the thinnest walls of all time. we started hooking up and in the middle of the action, totally out of the blue, his roommate who lived above him pounded on the floor and screamed “FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO FUCK”.
      he moved.

    • Steph

      One time my fiance (then bf) and I were going at it in his dorm room, and his roommate walked in on us. We were lucky enough that the bed was tucked behind a wall, but the guy definitely knew what was going on. It was even worse the second time he walked in on us. After that he didn’t like when I was over there.

    • Natha

      We randomly thought it would be fun to try it with our clothes on. Then, my boyfriend’s mum walks into the room without knocking at the door, which has never happened before, and starts talking to us. I was sitting on him, with my skirt covering our neither regions, and she didn’t seem to suspect anything. It was really, really awkward, though.

    • emma

      my boyfriend’s sister is now known for her stealth-like ability to noiselessly show up while we’re doing it. she’s older than us and back when my boyfriend still lived with his parents we pretty much only did it when the house was empty (or well past midnight).
      she had long since moved out on this particular day. the house was empty. we began. we heard NOTHING and all of a sudden someone was knocking on his bedroom door. keep in mind we had the window open so as to hear a car pull up or someone open the front door.
      my boyfriend stupidly shouted ‘come in’ while i scrambled to hide myself under the sheets. she totally knew. i tried to play it cool. it was probably the third time we had ever met.

    • Aiden

      oh lordy…my boyfriend’s mom when I was 17…she made his brother drive me home. Hands down most awkward car ride of my LIFE.

    • Brittney

      Last night actually.
      Me and my boyfriend thought it would be great to go to a city park after hours, at 1am. We’ve been kissing for an hour or so, then we got into the intercourse, and the windows were fogged up and we saw headlights. I immediately thought “my mother is going to kill me.” I grabbed the blanket that we had to try and cover up. My boyfriend was saying “give me cover!” But I knew if I had done that, it would make the situation worse. My boyfriend opened the door, and the officer said
      “What are you guys doing?”
      “Foolin’ around sir.”
      “Put some clothes on.”
      So, we proceeded to do so.
      it was the scariest thing because I’ve NEVER talked to a cop before. And once they asked for my address and phone number, I knew I was dead.
      I got into my mom’s truck and I went home.

    • James

      Well, I met up with this girl on Craigslist. She wanted me to come over, we had been talking for awhile.

      So I come over, yadda yadda yadda and we’re doing it on her bed.

      Suddenly the door opens, my ass is in the air and we’re in the middle of it! The voice yells “Laynie!” and the door closes.

      Shirt off, underwear on and pants in hand I run as she tells me it’s her mom.

      Akward. Yet not as akward as two months later I meet a woman on Yahoo Messenger and we meet up and she’s amazing in bed. Afterward she messages me and asks if I was the guy that was in the bed that day with the girl that turned out to be her daughter, Laynie. :-/

    • The Rabbit

      Me and my girlfriend haven’t been caught so far. But I remember when I was a teen, I got caught by my bro doing the masturbation thingy. Kinda awkward though.

    • PJ

      I was a freshman in college and was living with my then boyfriend and his parents. Our bedroom was upstairs and we were both craving each other’s bodies, but we had about 3 guys working on the air conditioning right outside our room, so we figured it wouldn’t be safe. So we decided to go into the basement for a quickie. We thought, if they had to come into the basement they would come down the stairs and not through the door that leads to the outside, thus providing time to pull our pants back on before they got to where we were. So, we’re going at it on the floor and then all of a sudden the door that leads to the outside door opens. I made eye-contact with this man who was old enough to be my father and he said, “Oh shit!” right as he pulled the door closed. Two minutes later, the guys drove away in their work truck and came back an hour later. My boyfriend and I never finished because getting caught was such a mood kill and we were afraid they would tell his parents. Now we laugh about it.

    • dorsia

      so many times.

    • Frank

      My gf was giving me a BJ in my dorm room – I was sitting in an easy chair, and she was sitting on the floor – when my roommate came in! Fortunately, we heard him messing with the lock and I got covered up, but not zipped. But my gf’s face was all ‘glossy’. I thought we got away with it, but he told me years later that he knew she had been going down on me!