Check Out These Hot Stars Back When They Were Nerds

Inspired by this photo of Ryan Reynolds who claimed to be “mega-awkward”, we thought you might enjoy this gallery of men and women who started out nerdy and became super hot. What we’re saying is we believe all these people have good personalities! Were you mega-awkward? Did you become hot? Is it awesome? What is your personality like?

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    • August S.

      This makes me love Ryan Seacrest SO MUCH MORE. Before I considered him a bland workaholic, but now I see he’s just a pudgy little kid livin’ out his dream in a shiny orange man-suit. Rock on, Lil’ Ryan. Rock on.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Your first sentence gave me pause, but then the whole comment really came together.

    • Hannah

      Jerry O’Connell should have made this list. He’s come a long way from his “Stand By Me”‘days.