Video: Miss USA Contestants Aren’t Sure If Evolution Should Be Taught In Schools

If you needed any more proof that the Miss USA pageant is basically a training camp for blush abusing, reactionary demagogues, here is some. A video recently released by the pageant shows all of its contestants answering the question “do you think evolution should be taught in schools?” and it’s simultaneously hilarious and terrifying. From what I was able to decipher, most of the contestants think that the theory of evolution should be taught in schools, but only alongside “the Biblical stuff” so that children can get both sides of the story. (Because public schools are totally allowed to teach “Biblical stuff.”) And of course, some don’t think it should be taught at all, because it makes the baby Jesus cry.

Among all the equivocating, only two out of the fifty girls(!) profess to believe in evolution themselves. My gold star goes to ultimate winner Alyssa Campanella for not only professing a belief in evolution, but calling herself a “huge science geek” to boot. Yay science! Some might think her first place win is evidence Miss USA is not, in fact, a reactionary indoctrination machine, but I think they’re just throwing us off the scent, so whatever.

And Miss Hawaii and Miss Idaho get honorable mentions for inventing the words/phrases “creationitism” and “you should be knowledged about it,” respectively. They clearly both have futures as vice presidential candidates.

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    • Odbery

      XD Evolution is no longer a theory, it is biology’s one law. People can believe in “god-driven” evolution if they like, but you can’t deny its scientific base. Do these girls not “believe” in genes then?

      Also, correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t all public schools in the states not religiously affiliated? If so, how is this even a debatable question? I’m from Ontario and went to a Catholic public school so I understood when my bio teacher prefaced our evolution lesson with, “Now nothing you’re learning today contradicts with what you’re taught at church.” but at a public school? Doesn’t make sense.

    • Stacie

      You said “And of course, some don’t think it should be taught at all, because it makes the baby Jesus cry.” I only remember one saying she doesn’t think it should be taught because of how controversial the topic is. And yes I do think it should be taught alongside with religion so students can learn both sides, so I found most of their answers to be perfectly fine. If their allowed to teach about the evolution they should be allowed to teach about “the Biblical stuff”

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Not in public school they shouldn’t.

      • ivy

        What do you mean by teaching along side with religion? Religion is a personal choice, evolution isn’t. Why does the rest of world needs to learn about your religion, and your religion only? Christians, stop being so full of yourself!

        There is no controversy in the topic of evolution; the only problem lies with those Christians that refuse to believe in fundamental science.

      • Eileen

        Hell, the Catholic church (largest Christian church in the world) is on board with evolution (and the Big Bang). It’s only fundamentalist churches – which are relatively very new on the religious scene – who are so vehemently opposed to evolution.

        The thing is, science doesn’t know everything. Studying evolutionary biology can make it clear how much we don’t know about the history of our species – and you’re free to believe those holes are filled by God. But you can’t ignore what we do know with reasonable certainty.

    • Renae

      Evolution should absolutely be taught! Unlike creationism, there is actually evidence to support evolution. Plus teaching creationism violates the separation of church and state, unless they’re willing to teach creation myths from ALL religions to give a balanced view.

    • Eileen

      I’ll bet a bunch of them are just repeating what their pageant coaches told them would sell well with the audience.

      • Ashley Cardiff


    • jun

      America never fails to scare the shit out of me. Seemingly a very open minded nation, this country has such a conservative and religious population.

      There is no point arguing with dumb fucks who refuse to see the truth in evolution. Personally religious believe should never hinder one’s perception in science research.

      However, the judges did very well crowning Alyssa Campanella.

    • Ashley

      Some of those responses scared the shit out of me, not gonna lie. I had this moment where I wondered if they were confusing “evolution” with “creationism.” How can anybody be on the fence about teaching evolution in public schools? What the fuck? Their reticence is the same reticence I hear people express about teaching a RELIGIOUS BELIEF in schools.
      I guess I’m surrounded by “fairly liberal” people in a “fairly liberal” state, but it just astounds me that this question is even up for debate.

    • Sue

      i agree not in public school. and not as a separate course. it is such a debatable topic. leave this for the “brainy” phd candidates.