These Shoes Will Make You Angry

Because they are killing your pig comrades left and right in terrifying suicide bombings! Or simply because it seems a little inappropriate to be walking around with a peacock’s head wedged between your big toes. That said, I’m sure they’d be very eye-catching if you were… strutting about like a peacock. Still I find them a little disturbing. What do you think?

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    • Jen

      OK, yes, this is gross and more than a little disturbing. But after staring at it for a minute I found myself chuckling, then giggling, and now I’m full out laughing. At the absurdity, of course.

      Would I wear them? Uh, no.

    • Kim

      Why must we attach lovely parts of animals, like their feathers and entire head/neck combo, to our own less fancy body parts, like our feet?

      Peacock inspired shoe- I’m game, make it balls to the walls crazy and I will enjoy it’s novelty.
      Shoe made with a dead peacock- only if I one day find myself stranded on an island of peacocks and rocky terrain and desperately need foot covering. At that point I will fashion myself a shoe from a previously dead peacock. And then possibly feel great remorse that I have no one to show my new peacock shoes to.

    • Kim

      WOW- love a good peacock feather, but the whole head…a little over the top!