• Tue, Jun 21 2011

10 Signs You’ve Gone Too Long Without Sex

When is the last time you’ve gotten lucky? Six months? A year? Because it looks like you’re a little…frustrated. Yes, we’ve all noticed.

Here are ten tell-tale signs that you’ve gone too long without having sex:

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  • Karen

    I love how the lady turtle is all like, “yeah. okay. mm-hmm. Is that a cricket over there?”

    • Jen

      For some reason, “lady turtle” has me in stitches.

    • Karen

      Well, perhaps she is a slut. But I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt here.

  • Somnilee

    Some of us find Philip Seymour Hoffman attractive…

    • Christina

      Exactly! I happen to find him hot on regular basis. Even when there hasn’t been 1,5 years since I last had sex. So there.

  • Brandy Alexander

    PSH is a hot piece of man.

  • Dee

    This post hit way too close to home. And made my sadly sex-free year seem almost humorous. Almost.

  • Cindy

    I thought this was hilarious!!