Guess How Much Prince William And Kate’s Tour Of Canada Costs!

Okay, think about how much the most expensive vacation you’ve ever taken has cost. Now double that…

The royal tour of Canada is expected to cost around $1.5 million according to The Globe and Mail (print). But that’s nothing compared to the Queen’s tour last summer, which cost $2.8 million. The security costs are shared with the local police forces, though costs specific to the Duke and Duchess will be covered by the federal government.

That said, the itinerary seems to contain largely items such as:

Tour organic gardens


Roundtable discussion with elders

Street hockey (for William)

Meeting with the star of Anne of Green Gables, The Musical (for Kate!)

This may sound familiar to you if you went away to camp as a child. Which sounds awesome for William and Kate, we just thought that given the $1.5 million cost there would be more… hunting people. That’s what we we expected. We expected them to be out hunting people through the streets of Canada. I don’t know. I suppose Anne of Green Gables is worth it alone!

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    • Steve Newman

      WOW. No wonder students and others are up in arms over the cost of security for Prince William and Kate’s trip to Canada. How can we ever recover from spending just over four cents per Canadian. Without them, let PEI ; Ontario, Quebec, the North and Alberta spend their own millions advertising their tourist opportunities to a disinterested world.

    • bill kiss

      i think nobady knows how much cost the royal visit,think if g8 meeting cost 1 billion doo the math,on other hand his grandmother can effort to pay from her billions