• Wed, Jun 22 2011

Nerd Prank Of The Day: Car Made Of Legos

If you or someone you love is a nerd, this video will brighten your day.

The employees at Legoland wanted to pull a prank on their general manager, Peter Rochetti. But rather than go in for the traditional blow-up doll or fake memo, they built a life-size replica of his car made completely of Legos, and swapped the two in the parking lot. The replacement vehicle had to be brought in via forklift, and probably took days to build.

There is something undeniably hilarious and extra-endearing about a practical joke that involves so much time and energy.

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  • Lindsay Cross

    Just so you know… I’ve showed this video to everyone in my office. I love it.

  • miinxi

    doesnt work for me :( just a big empty space where it should be

    • miinxi

      like my heart..