Anna Paquin Wears See-Through Dress, How Do You Feel?

Obviously, there is nothing to be mad at when it comes to the return of “True Blood” this Sunday, the best television show ever in life. And since that’s what Anna Paquin and husband Stephen Moyer were out celebrating when she wore this questionable number, I have to say first and foremost that I support them in their artistic endeavors. Brava.

But I don’t have to support their fashion choices, and in this case, I’m not sure that I do. Paquin is wearing some kind of a see-through number with what appear to be purple glitter stripes running north and south on the torso. It’s a combination between some of the worst prom dresses ever, my 6th grade dance recital costume, and a classic, if ill-advised, LBD.

I feel like if you get to this point with your wardrobe selections, where you’re really about to pick this dress to wear, someone should say to you, “Hey. If that’s what you’re going to wear, how about we instead go with this all-black dress, that doesn’t make you look like a recovering Vegas showgirl? Look, it’s still sexy, but you get to keep your dignity intact.”

How do you feel?

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    • Meghan Keane

      I feel like Stephen Moyer has the edgiest nose I’ve ever seen. And I am perplexed about how I should react to it.

      • Lindsay Cross

        Why did you have to point that out? Now I can’t stop staring at it!

    • Lisa

      See-through is fine, but that color of see-through seems a little awkward to me. The sheer fabric and your skin color should make a nice color together, please.

    • macalny

      It doesn’t matter what Anna Paquin wears – nothing will detract from the awfulness that is her acting. And her face. I didn’t even notice the dress because I can’t stand to look at/think about her. The less we see of her the better. When will she fade away already?!?

    • Michele

      It distracts from that huge gap between her teeth.